15 years and 9/11 terrorists still haven't been convicted

Today, marks the fifteenth tragic anniversary of the worst terrorist attacks in America’s history ( 9/11 ). The unfortunate incident took many lives and tumbled the world economy. Still, after all these years and million blames later five of the accused haven’t faced any trial or staunch conviction or as of right, execution.

All the prisoners are held in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. They are all supposed to go through a military tribunal there, but the trial still hasn’t even begun yet. If these accused would have gone through the trial, they would be on the death row.

The men locked behind the bars at Guantanamo are even rumored to never go through trial. Many of the defenders state that the federal courts would let go of these horrendous terrorists. But these are all mere assumptions based on the much-awaited facts and nothing could be concluded here.

Many lawyers and the attorneys have stated that the real reason behind this delaying justice could be the death penalty. If they were not scheduled for death, they would have been convicted till now.

To those who don’t know, the 9/11 prisoners will held by the CIA and were severely tortured. They were waterboarded, beaten, locked in coffin-sized boxes, subjected to extreme temperatures, kept awake for days at a time. The report was also released in December, 2014. But Obama Government has been refrained from holding anyone accountable.

It is alleged that if the case is taken to the federal court, the accused will get their true justice. Cheryl Bormann, who now represents bin Attash, headed the Capital Trial Assistance Unit in Illinois from 2008 to 2011 states, “When the government does something stupid, the government has to pay the price.”+